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Cosmic Awareness Communications Topic Index 1975-2010

1993-14 The New World Order: The Alien Connection, The Metaphysical Connection, The Economic Forecast

1997-07 "The Submarines"-Stolen Children for Mind Control Programs

1993-17 New World Order Completion Is Set Back Due To Growing Mass Awareness Of The Scheme

1994-08 Special Hotline Issue Spread The Word! Declaration Of Independence 1994

2009-07 What`s Going On With the Bankers? (A Feeding Frenzy by the Rich and Super Rich?) 2

1992-08 How to Develop Your Magnetic Centers

1989-12 How the Manipulators are Forestalling an Economic Collapse Today Until a Later Time when they can Implement their Program of Slavery

1996-17 Buying in to 'Political Correctness'

1982-24 "An Explanation of Ghosts, etc."

1996-12 A Few Elite Mattoids Have Chosen to make War on the Masses

2008-11 A Message to the Light Network

1994-01 The Cosmic Awareness Forecast For 1994:

1991-01 From Cosmic Awareness: A Preview of the Year 1991

Special Report, Featured Issue: The Unified States Of Awareness: The Structural Pattern For The New Age Government 7/7/77

1985-07 Monitoring By Guides or Guardian Angels

1994-06 Preparing Yourself For The Coming New Dimension

1991-05 "If the New World Order isn't democratized by 1997, rule by the Draco Reptilians and the Orion Empire is virtually assured.": (Cosmic Awareness)

1992-11 Some Things you Should Know About the Economic Depression Now Beginning

1991-15 The Medical Conspiracy: How it is Slowly Choking Off Alternative Approaches

1993-12 The Web of Conspiracy (Part 13)

1984-02 "Gold and Silver: What About Them? Up, Down, Possible Confiscation?"

1988-08 Opportunity Turn Tables On The Beast

1979-18 A Cosmic History Of The Illuminati (More About Hades, Celestria, Jehovah, Zionism, UFOs)

1994-14 Current Affairs: An Update: Area 51 and "Asteroid" Near Miss

1992-01 The Cosmic Awareness Forecast for 1992 (Sort of)

1979-01 The battle of Armageddon Begins Within Each Entity

1989-01 Some Possibilities in the Coming Months

1992-06 Why Should Awareness Tell you About the Dark Forces?

2009-02 A Breakthrough in Hearing Loss?

1997-03 A Blessing From Awareness to All Readers

2010-02 2010 Forecast Continued

1997-01 Could This All be An Elaborate Hoax?

1992-05 It's Time for You to Get Out and Try Something Different

1995-05 Resist Not Evil (Part 2)

1981-07 Is Zionism the Hidden Tyranny?

1996-08 Did Clinton Declare a "National Emergency"?

1993-03 Karmic Debts: Sooner or Later They Must be Paid

1983-04 "A Message to Light Workers: Judge Not, Condemn Not: Don't Use the

1996-07 Excessive Force a Sign of a Bully

1982-15 An Overview of What is Happening Behind The Scenes in Washington

1995-10 Awareness Disagrees With Nidle on Chakra System

1993-01 What's Ahead In 1993?

1980-26 The Mark Of The Beast; Part 2

1993-04 Life After Death Series Continues

2002-03 Why Awareness Often Holds Back Information

1981-18 A Meditation and Experiment For merging With the Universal Will

1977-07 'Deny Self' Precept Thrown Out by Awareness

1982-01 "What Is Going to Happen November 22, 1984?"

2003-06 A Healthy Child When It is Held Continuously?

1994-13 A Movement Away From Conflict & Violence

1991-04 How to Lose the Spiritual Balance

1989-03 Ecological Time Bomb: Why Our Forests are Dying

1983-10 More On Age Rejuvenation: How GH3 Slows the Aging process

1994-05 The Secrets of Alchemy - The Philosopher's Stone

1995-01 What's Ahead In 1995?

1984-16 "All About Gambling, Lotteries and Contests: Does God Prevent Entiti

1988-09 Christianity In The New Age - It's Time To Recognize The Essence

1980-04 What to expect this coming year - plus a review of 1979

1996-16 Democracy Not Always the Best Form of Government

1979-14 The Plan of the Beast is On Course- without A Hitch

1990-02 Special Report: The Web of Conspiracy (Part 5): The Alien Presence: The Secret Government Exposed

1996-11 'Mind Dynamics' VS The Awareness Teachings

2000-06 Two Shy People Coming Together Is Like the Battery

1990-08 A Sneak Preview of the New Decade

1985-04 Paul Shockley's Lustful Obsession To Use Awareness

1989-11 What did the Megabankers do with your Money?

1984-14 "Laws, Permits, Computers Equal Controls"

2000-01 The More Attuned You Are, The Better Your health

1990-01 Looking Ahead to the Next Decade

1982-13 "Falkland Islands Is Only Diverting Attention: The Insidious Threa

1980-03 What Is Going On In Iran? (Putting The Puzzle Together)

1979-27 A Message To Certain Publications For Cosmic Awareness

2000-09 Space Worms Assault Cosmonauts

1997-05 Is C.A.C. inadvertently Helping the New World Order? 2-4

1996-01 (The Organge Greys and Other Factions of Greys)

1989-05 The Vanishing Farm and the Coming Food Crisis: Something is in the Wind

2005-08 Strange Treatment in a Hospital- And Why His Son Became a Hippie

1998-12 'The Nine Faces of Christ'-Is This Books Valid

1995-07 Preparing for the New dimension (Part 4): Creating the Light Body That Will Overcome Death

1981-15 More on the Price of Gold

Special Report, Featured Issue: The Cosmic Laws Of Cosmic Awareness (Updated)

2008-01 The cosmic awareness forecast for the year 2008 2

2004-02 A Clever Scam Designed for Suckers

2003-03 These Same Forces Are Promoting the New World Order

1997-16 Cabalistic Magic in the Early Organization of Awareness: Why Was I

1990-22 From Cosmic Awareness: A World Court

1990-20 Is the Material Released Through C.A.C. "Anti- Government"?

1984-19 "Ether, Akasha, Antimatter

1979-26 Nuclear Power Plants

1979-11 The Mark Of The Beast...What Is So Wrong About Accepting The Brand

1978-42 How To Stop The Antichrist

2006-10 Why Has Congress Sent an Ambassador to the Vatican?

1992-13 The Web of Conspiracy: Its Origin

1989-07 A Major Change is Sweeping Across this Plane: Democracy and Free Enterprise is Becoming a Reality

1986-05 All About Contact Lenses

1983-02 "Out, Out, Brief Candle? A Minister of Cosmic Awareness is Murdere

1979-22 Free Schools...An Alternative Way To Educate Children

1994-07 Preparing For The New Dimension (Part 2): The Awakening Of The New Being

1990-19 Special World Events Update: The Middle East (Part 2)

1983-01 "Have We Heard the Last, Have We Heard the Last of Dr. Beter?"

1981-12 What About Cayce's Version of Atlantis Near The Bahamas?

1980-23 A Reprieve For The Peace College

1980-16 The Crash of 1979 (More on the Cosmic Awareness Predictions)

1979-25 Hollow Earth: Photograph of the hole at the North Pole

2000-11 The Spirit That Claimed to be Cosmic Awareness

1993-11 How The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Was Staged and Where He Went Thereafter: An Attempt to Get the Holy Body of the Divine Back Into Harmony With Its Many Parts

1981-01 "In 1981 What You Receive, You Will Have Earned"

2010-11 Galactic Federation Update: Has the cavalry failed to show up?

1981-09 A Message to the Welfare Mothers and to Those Who Consider Them 'Lea

1981-06 "Beware: Drugs are in your Coffee! Shame on You, Mrs. Olson"

2006-06 Could it a more powerful god every be created and dominate everything already created?

1995-17 ' Would You Like to Go For A Walk?'

2004-03 A Brief History of the Khazar Jews

1994-04 Waiting For That Miracle To Happen

1994-03 New World Order Probably Won't Happen Until The Next Century

1991-03 Special World Events Report: (The Middle East, Part 3)

1988-11 "The Importance of Learning Patience: An Address to Young People b

1984-22 Cell Salts as a Healing Method

1982-16 "Take a Letter Miss Jones, A Long One': Contacting the Light: How

1980-17 An Appeal By Cosmic Awareness, For Alexander, Soldier Of The Light - The Embattled Keeper Of The Flame (Who Has Inherited The Wrath Of The Alien Force)

2009-10 A Danger of Being Trapped in the 4th Dimension...

1995-04 Race Mixing - Is The "Bell Curve" Book On Intelligence Valid?

1985-08 "Classical Music: Its Origin, Influence and Metaphysical History"

1981-20 Skin Cancer- Its Prevention and Treatment

1978-08 The Spreading Computerized Check-outs (Keeping and eye on The Beast)

1995-09 CIA's David Karesh Influenced Bombing

1978-39 Fooling Around With Creation

2003-08 The Various Levels in this Reading (How to Keep the Interpreter f

1999-04 Grandparents Easily Misused and Manipulated

1992-15 Coming Earth Changes and a UFO Update

1984-08 A Revolution in Iran?

1983-08 "Into the White Light, The Final Judgment: The Pearly Gates-the St

Special Report, Featured Issue: 2012 and the Ascension

1998-01 A Prophecy of World War III By Nostradamus?

1993-10 AIDS and Global 2000 (Part 2)

1982-19 How The Sins of the Father are Visited Upon the Children

1981-08 "Earthquakes, Weather Warfare and Death Rays: The Annihilation of th

1981-02 A Search For God: The Chronicle of a Wanderer in the New Age: Discoveries of the road to enlightenment

2003-02 Do The Greys Really Want Their IQ's Lowered by Mixing With Humans

1995-11 Is Clinton About to Start a Mid-East War to Ensure His Re-Electio

1994-12 The Welfare Mother: Who Is Responsible?

1994-09 Preparing For The New Dimension (Part 3): Why The Aging Process Can Be Reversed

1987-09 Criticism is Not Judgment

1986-07 Anger In Relation To One's Cosmic Bank Account

1980-30 Agent Orange- Tragic Karma for those who Went to Vietnam

1980-29 Beyond The Gemstone File

2010-01 For Those Who "Will Stand Up And Fight For Freedom!"

2001-06 Back to the Subject of Free Will Mentioned Earlier

1999-06 "Kryon" Advertising A "Spiritual Implant"

1995-16 Is China Preparing For All-Out War?

1993-06 California: Last Call!

1992-14 The Evolvement of the Soul

1991-02 What Is God? The Illusion of Separateness and its Effects in Our World

1988-05 "The Time has Come for New Rules, New Laws, New Ethics for those i

2010-07 More on the Polish Plane Crash

2004-01 Let Go of Attachments and Teleportation of Your Body Can Occur

1998-16 'Stick Finger' Treatment Often Can Improve hearing

1992-12 Special Hotline Edition: Operation "Hot August Night", The Web Of Conspiracy (Part 12): The Nazi Connection And The Mark Of The Beast

1984-04 "Light Workers, Peacemakers: It's Time to Recapture Our Flag! Open

1977-22 More About the Economics of the Unified States of Awareness (Food, Clothing, Guaranteed Income etc.) Or, Whose Going to Do All the Work?

2009-12 2012 Information: He Can't Seem to Absorb The Enormity...

2004-07 "Devil's Night" in Detroit (On Halloween Some Blacks Light Matches

1997-02 Does a Victim Sap Energy Off His Murderer?