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Cosmic Awareness Communications Topic Index 1975-2010

2000-03 "Agree With These Adversary Quickly!"

1995-11 Is Clinton About to Start a Mid-East War to Ensure His Re-Electio

1986-15 Why Do People Over-eat, Knowing This is Not Healthy?

1991-08 The Moonlight Scenario

1997-09 The 'Imps of Satan'

1993-09 More on How Karma Works

2004-06 The Hollow Earth (Part 2)

1982-03 "How to get Vitamins, Minerals and Health Food Store Items by Mail"

1995-06 "I Am God" A Stumbling Block for New Agers

1989-05 The Vanishing Farm and the Coming Food Crisis: Something is in the Wind

2005-02 A Generous Being is Accused of "Buying Friendship"

2001-05 Put Cayenne in Cuts or Sores to Stop Bleeding

1981-09 A Message to the Welfare Mothers and to Those Who Consider Them 'Lea

1980-12 What Causes Metal Fatigue in Aircrafts?

2008-09 Anything More on Thomas Paine?

2008-02 Sealing Off a Vortex Gateway

2006-01 A Brief Meditation to While At Work (A Meditation to Observe You

1997-07 "The Submarines"-Stolen Children for Mind Control Programs

1994-13 A Movement Away From Conflict & Violence

1994-06 Preparing Yourself For The Coming New Dimension

1992-15 Coming Earth Changes and a UFO Update

1982-22 Everything You Ever Wanted to know About Fleas -But Were Afraid t

2010-10 Hearing Voices

2005-09 If You Consider total Surrender

2001-10 The World Really Isn't "One Really Rotten" 2

2001-04 Do Invisible Secret Service Agents Guard the President? 2

1998-02 A Combination of Healthy Thoughts and Healthy Diet

1996-15 Trial of the Freemen 3

1994-11 The Family Of Man: Where Did It All Begin?

1985-15 How Many Have Your Served, And How Well?

1984-17 Ascending with the Physical Body: More on Babaji and Apparitions

1983-17 How to Get Free of matter

1981-27 How the Grace of the Divine Works

1981-26 "Six-Fingered Aliens in Argentina: More on Buried Cities, More on

2009-01 2009 Can Indeed Become a Magical Year

2008-01 The cosmic awareness forecast for the year 2008 2

2006-07 The Nature of Animal Consciousness 1

2006-05 The Famous Black Tibetan Black Pill and Healing Strokes 2

2006-02 What's Ahead in 2006? 2

2005-08 Strange Treatment in a Hospital- And Why His Son Became a Hippie

2005-04 "Second Coming" Essentially the "Born Again" Experience

2004-12 "The Godfrey Incident" in 1975 ("An Unspeakable Incident That Thre

2004-01 Let Go of Attachments and Teleportation of Your Body Can Occur

2003-11 Spiritual Hierarchy is Childish and Not to be Taken Seriously

2002-11 A "Sinner" In One Who has Missed the Mark

2002-06 "The Summer of Consciousness"

2001-12 A Revolutionary Leader Can Often Become a Power-Monger

2001-06 Back to the Subject of Free Will Mentioned Earlier

2000-08 The Child learns How to Shock Mother

1999-08 What Are Our Main Misconceptions Concerning Our Existence?

1997-17 'Experience the Universe in a Grain of Sand'

1996-12 A Few Elite Mattoids Have Chosen to make War on the Masses

1996-09 Problems with the Ozone Layer

1996-02 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Photon Belt

1995-13 "Perhaps It's Time to Play the Extraterrestrial Card"- Henry Kissi

1994-15 The Truth Shall Set You Free: Is It True That Nothing Comes To Pass Without The Permission Of The Divine?

1994-07 Preparing For The New Dimension (Part 2): The Awakening Of The New Being

1993-13 Letting Go of Mechanical Thinking: How You Can Create Psychic and Mental Healing by Bringing Bliss Into Your Life

1992-16 That Great White Light: Should You or Shouldn't You Enter It?

1992-12 Special Hotline Edition: Operation "Hot August Night", The Web Of Conspiracy (Part 12): The Nazi Connection And The Mark Of The Beast

1992-11 Some Things you Should Know About the Economic Depression Now Beginning

1991-12 How to Overcome Fear

1991-03 Special World Events Report: (The Middle East, Part 3)

1990-14 The Journey of the Soul (Continued)

1990-12 More Flesh for the Skeleton (Part 2)

1990-09 The Web of Conspiracy (Part 6): The Alien Presence: An Update and Overview

1988-07 Symbology In The "Book Of Revelation" And An Update On The Beast

1988-02 (How to Contact Your High Self Through Electronics)

1987-04 How To Deal With Glaucoma

1985-22 Are Violators Of Others Kept in Astral Bondage After Death?

1985-16 How Earth Entities Appear to UFO Beings

1985-09 "Is God Really on Your Side? If You Live a Good and Spiritual Life,

1984-10 Drug-Induced Ego Death

1984-08 A Revolution in Iran?

1983-09 Choosing a Goal

1983-07 "How Would Gandhi Handle World Problems Today? Non-Violently, Of C

1982-21 The Death Wish and Its Relation To Cancer

1981-18 A Meditation and Experiment For merging With the Universal Will

1981-15 More on the Price of Gold

1981-08 "Earthquakes, Weather Warfare and Death Rays: The Annihilation of th

1981-02 A Search For God: The Chronicle of a Wanderer in the New Age: Discoveries of the road to enlightenment

1979-25 Hollow Earth: Photograph of the hole at the North Pole

1978-40 Aleister Crowley: 'The Devil's Apostle', 'The Great Beast 666'

1978-21 A New Transpersonative Exercise; The Meditation for Loving Another

1977-07 'Deny Self' Precept Thrown Out by Awareness