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Cosmic Awareness Communications Topic Index 1975-2010

1980-19 Who Was Edgar Cayce? What Is the A.R.E.

1978-26 More About Edgar Cayce

1978-15 More on Edgar Cayce and Paul Shockley's Trip In Egypt

1992-02 Under Today's Medical Monopoly, is Age Reversal and Buoyant Good Health Possible?

2002-10 "Space Brothers" And Marshmallow Messages Appeal to Many

1992-13 The Web of Conspiracy: Its Origin

1979-7A The spiritual snob - (Ignoring the beast with positive thinking)

1991-10 The Battle to Overcome Loneliness How to Find Yourself a Friend or Companion (And How to Preserve that Friendship or Marriage Once You've Found It)

1991-15 The Medical Conspiracy: How it is Slowly Choking Off Alternative Approaches

1984-01 (The One and the Many) The Concept of Collectivism Vs. Individuali

1980-22 (Why Napoleon Had 6 Fingers)

1986-16 "Vegetarians, Gourmets and Fast Food Eaters: What your Diet Tells ab

1978-44 The Virgin birth of Jesus The Nazarene

1998-14 'The Graves Will be Open'-The Opening of Limbo

1995-01 What's Ahead In 1995?

2010-11 Galactic Federation Update: Has the cavalry failed to show up?

2001-05 Put Cayenne in Cuts or Sores to Stop Bleeding

2000-11 The Spirit That Claimed to be Cosmic Awareness

1981-19 "Is the Earth a Cosmic Booby Hatch? Take Heart Folks, There are 13

2005-03 Problems Begin When Fantasy Becomes Obsession

1994-04 Waiting For That Miracle To Happen

2003-07 "In My Father's House Are Many Mansions"

1982-13 "Falkland Islands Is Only Diverting Attention: The Insidious Threa

1981-12 What About Cayce's Version of Atlantis Near The Bahamas?

1978-16 The Illuminati Conspiracy

1996-01 (The Organge Greys and Other Factions of Greys)

1979-07 The Spiritual Vampire

1995-15 Is Our World Reality Just an Illusion?

1981-27 How the Grace of the Divine Works

1980-14 The Nature of Creation

2002-11 A "Sinner" In One Who has Missed the Mark

1995-03 The Photon Belt: The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

Special Report: A Magic Happening At Yorktown

1997-16 Cabalistic Magic in the Early Organization of Awareness: Why Was I

1989-14 All About the Interpreter's Channeling Free Will and the New Age

1982-05 "All About Legends, Myths and Parables: The Legend of Noah's Ark"

2006-06 Could it a more powerful god every be created and dominate everything already created?

2005-05 An Exercise You Can Do To Relieve Pain

2002-05 A House and Other Examples of Common Symbols in Dreams

1981-05 What Effect Did the CAC Membership's Letter-writing Campaign on t

1979-12 Schizophrenia is striking The Religions Today

1991-09 The Wanderers Dilemma: What to do About the Aliens?

1981-15 More on the Price of Gold

2006-08 How Can a Young Man Spread Awareness?

1999-08 What Are Our Main Misconceptions Concerning Our Existence?

1997-07 "The Submarines"-Stolen Children for Mind Control Programs

2008-01 The cosmic awareness forecast for the year 2008 2

2005-01 A Tree Also Receives Your Thoughts and Suggestions

2003-11 Spiritual Hierarchy is Childish and Not to be Taken Seriously

2001-01 (How Dark Force Energies Are Being Absorbed by the Light Energies)

1998-05 'I Come Not To Send peace, But a Sword'

1996-05 What 'Inspiration' Really Is

1992-04 The Coming of "Nemesis" the Dark Star and the 40 Million Reptoid Army with their Plans to Invade and Conquer the Earth

1987-01 What is the State of the Ocean Today?

1980-33 Help Save Manhattan - C.A.C. Membership Energies Can Help In The "Cosmic Intercession"

1979-25 Hollow Earth: Photograph of the hole at the North Pole

1978-46 Why Aren't There More Interpreters For Cosmic Awareness

1978-25 Is Cosmic Awareness a False Prophet?

2004-10 "Anti-Government" Literature

2001-07 Prayers Angelic Beings Might Accept

2000-03 "Agree With These Adversary Quickly!"

1998-10 The Experiment of Shooting Basketballs Through Meditation

1984-08 A Revolution in Iran?

1981-17 "Do Executioners, Wardens, etc. Create Bad Karma in their Work?"

1981-06 "Beware: Drugs are in your Coffee! Shame on You, Mrs. Olson"

2010-12 Celestria and the Birth of Souls

2008-05 A Close Encounter is Coming But No Collision

2007-09 A God That Didn't Have to be Created Is Implied

2007-03 Are Energies From Atlantis Still Affecting Us Today?

2007-01 The Cosmic Awareness Forecast for the Year 2007

2006-05 The Famous Black Tibetan Black Pill and Healing Strokes 2

2004-12 "The Godfrey Incident" in 1975 ("An Unspeakable Incident That Thre

2004-09 A Doctorate Program For the 21st Century from Awareness

2002-09 A Similar Philosophy was Espoused by Gurdjieff

2002-08 A Half-Human Half-Crocodile Mummy is Found

1999-10 What About Benjamin Creme's Maitreya?

1998-12 'The Nine Faces of Christ'-Is This Books Valid

1998-07 A Normal Relationship Often Can Prevent Fetishes

1998-06 A Message From the Editor ( A Review of Interpreters ) 2

1997-14 A Healing for the Membership

1997-06 How Some Souls Self-Destruct

1997-02 Does a Victim Sap Energy Off His Murderer?

1996-15 Trial of the Freemen 3

1996-10 A Genetically Engineered Decoy has Been Created

1996-09 Problems with the Ozone Layer

1996-06 Why so Many Politicians are "Resigning" their Offices Lately

1995-16 Is China Preparing For All-Out War?

1993-11 How The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Was Staged and Where He Went Thereafter: An Attempt to Get the Holy Body of the Divine Back Into Harmony With Its Many Parts

1993-09 More on How Karma Works

1992-17 The Great Energy Mandala of the C.A.C. Membership and What it has Accomplished

1992-07 First the Crop Circles, Now Ice Sculptures: The Aliens Want Our Attention

1991-11 The Intelligent Light and Channeling

1990-10 The Web of Conspiracy (Part 7): The Underground City at Dulce, New Mexico

1988-11 "The Importance of Learning Patience: An Address to Young People b

1988-07 Symbology In The "Book Of Revelation" And An Update On The Beast

1987-15 How 'Decreeing' To The Spiritual Hierarchy Works

1985-19 Are Days Getting Long?

1984-19 "Ether, Akasha, Antimatter

1983-17 How to Get Free of matter

1983-12 "Who is Trying to Destroy Mr. [Yuri] Andropov, the Russian Leader?

1981-20 Skin Cancer- Its Prevention and Treatment

1980-31 Astral Rape - More Common Than Most People Realize

1980-27 Suggestion and Other Pollutants That Harm the Body

1980-24 Magnetism: Is It The New Age Answer To The Aging Problem?

1980-11 Confusing The Hose With The Water

1980-09 More On The Return of Ahriman- The Anti-Christ, to This Plane

1978-43 At What Age Should The First Sexual Contact Begin?

2010-02 2010 Forecast Continued

2005-10 "Getting Educated" on TV and Beer

2005-08 Strange Treatment in a Hospital- And Why His Son Became a Hippie

2005-02 A Generous Being is Accused of "Buying Friendship"

2003-12 A Three Year Old Boy Astounds People By Reading Books and Newspape

2002-06 "The Summer of Consciousness"

2001-10 The World Really Isn't "One Really Rotten" 2

2001-09 How a Composite Named "George" Could be Created Today

2000-01 The More Attuned You Are, The Better Your health

1999-01 After Death Going into a Space-Craft?

1998-11 This Meditation Can Totally Alter Your Life

1998-08 How Will an Entity Experience Oneness?

1998-01 A Prophecy of World War III By Nostradamus?

1996-17 Buying in to 'Political Correctness'

1996-16 Democracy Not Always the Best Form of Government

1996-07 Excessive Force a Sign of a Bully

1989-15 All About Predictions: How they Work

1986-01 "Robotoids and Synthetics: Do They Eat, Do They Age, etc?"

1984-21 A Device to Replace Awareness Interpreters?

1984-12 (More On Hypoglycemia)

1983-24 A Message for the Light Workers: How to Deal with the Neanderthal

1983-04 "A Message to Light Workers: Judge Not, Condemn Not: Don't Use the

1982-12 The Mystery Of The Skoptsis-Demons Or Deliverers?

1982-09 The National Peace Academy

1980-12 What Causes Metal Fatigue in Aircrafts?

1980-08 Magnetic Necklaces and magnetic Plates...How Effective are They?

1979-05 A Word About Lucifer, the Son of God Who Went Astray

2010-10 Hearing Voices

2010-09 Why Do Vampires Have Such Appeal?

2010-08 BP Attempted a Secret Explosion

2010-07 More on the Polish Plane Crash

2010-06 A Galactic Federation General Speaks on Internet Radio?

2010-05 Mysterious Troop Convoys on Trains all Moving

2010-04 A Past Life Experience the Interpreter Had as an Essene

2010-03 The Earthquake in Haiti

2009-12 2012 Information: He Can't Seem to Absorb The Enormity...

2009-11 Maitreya World Teacher-He's Back l Why Now? 2

2009-09 A Difference With Spirit Matthew

2009-08 How To Protect Ourselves from HAARP Energies (Our original 12 strands of DNA are starting to work)

2009-07 What`s Going On With the Bankers? (A Feeding Frenzy by the Rich and Super Rich?) 2

2009-06 A Door Cannot be Opened Unless You Insert the Key

2009-03 A Channeler of God Asks What Does God Plan for Those "He" Speaks

2008-10 An Unusual Near-Death Experience 2

2008-09 Anything More on Thomas Paine?

2008-08 12 Strands for Those who Choose Planet A

2008-07 18 Deep Underground Secret Bases Discovered in Norway

2008-04 Divine Timing at Work for CAC Sessions 2

2008-03 More On The Angelic Realm 2

2008-02 Sealing Off a Vortex Gateway

2007-12 The Lost Family Tomb Of Jesus 2

2007-11 A Cure for Hypothyroidism?

2007-10 A Created Situation by a Drug Dependent Society

2007-08 Circulation Problems Keep Growing After Long Plane Flights

2007-06 That Ominous Bulge Beneath Yellowstone Park

2007-05 More What will Happen in 2012

2007-04 "We Have the Only Way" is Characteristic of Many Religions

2007-02 7 Years of Drinking Alcohol (...Helping to Restore Memory and Brai

2006-12 Asian Gangs Are Killing People Here

2006-10 Why Has Congress Sent an Ambassador to the Vatican?

2006-09 Multiple Personalities and How to Deal with the Disorder

2006-07 The Nature of Animal Consciousness 1

2006-04 "Satan" Could Play a Role in the Age of Aquarius

2006-03 "Ascended Masters"- Where Does Their Information Come From?

2006-02 What's Ahead in 2006? 2

2006-01 A Brief Meditation to While At Work (A Meditation to Observe You

2005-12 Always Be Watchful at Christmas and Holidays

2005-11 Any Cure for a Quadriplegic?

2005-09 If You Consider total Surrender

2005-06 A Peek at Life in Limbo

2005-04 "Second Coming" Essentially the "Born Again" Experience

2004-11 A Message to Prisoners: Make Good Use of Your Time

2004-08 Prozac Makes Some Entities Run Amok (Slaughter in the School Yard

2004-06 The Hollow Earth (Part 2)

2004-05 "The Coming Society of Slave Classes"

2004-04 What To Do When You Get Ripped Off By Dishonest and Greedy Entities

2004-03 A Brief History of the Khazar Jews

2004-02 A Clever Scam Designed for Suckers

2003-10 "Internal Earthquakes" Relieved by Passing Wind

2003-08 The Various Levels in this Reading (How to Keep the Interpreter f

2003-06 A Healthy Child When It is Held Continuously?

2003-05 The Zionist influence on TV Evangelists and Politics

2003-04 "As Long as We Both Shall Love"

2003-03 These Same Forces Are Promoting the New World Order

2003-02 Do The Greys Really Want Their IQ's Lowered by Mixing With Humans

2003-01 How a Magnetic Center Works

2002-12 The Interpreter Sees with Tunnel Vision Not Cosmic Vision

2002-07 The Illusion We Call Reality Has Essence

2002-04 A Grand Design is Behind the Making of a Human Being

2002-02 Being Attentive Allows Awareness To Come Through

2002-01 A Story on the Origin of Islam

2001-08 Spirit Possession: More Common Than You Suspect 2

2001-06 Back to the Subject of Free Will Mentioned Earlier

2001-04 Do Invisible Secret Service Agents Guard the President? 2

2001-02 Again: How to Visualize the Protective White Light

2000-12 (How the FDA Got L-Tryptophane Removed from the Market)

2000-10 A 30 Foot "Caduceus" on 7 Continents to Energize World Peace and

2000-09 Space Worms Assault Cosmonauts

2000-08 The Child learns How to Shock Mother

2000-06 Two Shy People Coming Together Is Like the Battery

2000-04 The Greatest Lie Being Perpetuated

1999-12 Nidle's Spiritual Hierarchy Not the Same as Besant's

1999-05 A Friend is the Most Important Parent a Child Can Have

1999-04 Grandparents Easily Misused and Manipulated

1999-02 The Planet Neptune in Square to other Planets

1998-15 'Awareness, I want Enlightenment And I Want it Now!'

1998-09 Oxidants and Antioxidants Clarified

1998-04 Most Cancers Are Caused by Parasites and Flukes

1998-02 A Combination of Healthy Thoughts and Healthy Diet

1997-15 'Suffering' in the Realm of Hades

1997-13 Hegel's Technique Used in Many Courts of Law

1997-12 A violent Death will Affect the entity in the next Lifetime

1997-11 'Do I Really Need Another Reflection of Myself?'

1997-09 The 'Imps of Satan'

1997-05 Is C.A.C. inadvertently Helping the New World Order? 2-4

1997-04 A Warning About Joining a Militia

1997-03 A Blessing From Awareness to All Readers

1997-01 Could This All be An Elaborate Hoax?

1996-14 Without the Breath of God There would be No Life on Earth

1996-13 A Message From Death Row (A Serial Killer of 8 Women Seeks Reconc

1996-11 'Mind Dynamics' VS The Awareness Teachings

1996-08 Did Clinton Declare a "National Emergency"?

1996-04 Entities Who Sometimes Need a Spiritual Quick-Fix

1996-03 Feline Leukemia: Any help at all?

1996-02 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Photon Belt

1995-17 ' Would You Like to Go For A Walk?'

1995-14 Is a Major Food Shortage Starting this November?

1995-06 "I Am God" A Stumbling Block for New Agers

1994-06 Preparing Yourself For The Coming New Dimension

1993-07 "We, The Arcturians - Are They Really Our Friends or Are They Just

1993-01 What's Ahead In 1993?

1992-16 That Great White Light: Should You or Shouldn't You Enter It?

1992-09 God is Alive, Magic is Afoot!

1992-05 It's Time for You to Get Out and Try Something Different

1992-01 The Cosmic Awareness Forecast for 1992 (Sort of)

1991-17 Can the Aliens Prevent Humans From Entering the Kingdom of God?

1991-14 Meteor Heading for Earth Guided by UFO Invaders

1991-13 How to Quit Smoking

1991-12 How to Overcome Fear

1991-08 The Moonlight Scenario

1991-07 Spiritual Healing: How it Works, and a Chance for You to Prove it

1991-06 Gods Gone Mad: The Giza Group

1991-05 "If the New World Order isn't democratized by 1997, rule by the Draco Reptilians and the Orion Empire is virtually assured.": (Cosmic Awareness)

1991-03 Special World Events Report: (The Middle East, Part 3)

1991-02 What Is God? The Illusion of Separateness and its Effects in Our World

1991-01 From Cosmic Awareness: A Preview of the Year 1991

1990-22 From Cosmic Awareness: A World Court

1990-20 Is the Material Released Through C.A.C. "Anti- Government"?

1990-18 The Web of Conspiracy

1990-17 A Special Gift for You: Cosmic Awareness Opens the Pipeline

1990-11 The Lazy Man's Way to Enlightenment

1990-08 A Sneak Preview of the New Decade

1990-06 The Life After Death Series Continued

1990-04 Sparing the Rod: the Sins of the Father and How to Break the Karmic Chain

1990-02 Special Report: The Web of Conspiracy (Part 5): The Alien Presence: The Secret Government Exposed

1990-01 Looking Ahead to the Next Decade

1989-16 Is it Time to Examine your Home Base?

1989-11 What did the Megabankers do with your Money?

1989-10 The Binding of Satan: A Gift to Humanity from Cosmic Awareness

1989-08 AIDS: None Dare Call it Genocide

1989-04 Making Friends with the Russians:

1989-03 Ecological Time Bomb: Why Our Forests are Dying

1988-16 Great Changes Are Coming!

1988-10 "More Violence, More Compassion and a New Tolerance Is on the Way"

1988-09 Christianity In The New Age - It's Time To Recognize The Essence

1988-08 Opportunity Turn Tables On The Beast

1988-06 How Consciousness Has Changed In Last Three Decades

1988-05 "The Time has Come for New Rules, New Laws, New Ethics for those i

1988-04 (One's Conscience and Responsibility)

1987-12 Tuning In to A Past-Life Archetype

1987-09 Criticism is Not Judgment

1986-19 When Was Jesus Born?

1986-18 "How Cultist Gurus Use Mind Control: The Meaning of Sabbath, Days

1986-15 Why Do People Over-eat, Knowing This is Not Healthy?

1985-21 CAC After 10 Years: An Analysis by Awareness

1985-16 How Earth Entities Appear to UFO Beings

1985-14 Pride and Vanity is Defined

1985-11 The New Creation

1985-06 Past-Life Projections from A Mirror?

1985-05 A View From Another Frame of Reference: Space & Time

1985-04 Paul Shockley's Lustful Obsession To Use Awareness

1985-03 How To keep The Dark Forces Out Of Your Consciousness

1985-02 More on the precept: 'Resist Not Evil'

1984-18 How ESP Occurs

1984-14 "Laws, Permits, Computers Equal Controls"

1984-11 Dangers of Music, Art and Poetry

1984-04 "Light Workers, Peacemakers: It's Time to Recapture Our Flag! Open

1983-14 An "Amnesty International" for Animals Is Needed At Once

1983-08 "Into the White Light, The Final Judgment: The Pearly Gates-the St

1983-07 "How Would Gandhi Handle World Problems Today? Non-Violently, Of C

1982-06 "Battery Acid Injected Into Jimi Hendrix: Also Beatles' Manager, B

1982-03 "How to get Vitamins, Minerals and Health Food Store Items by Mail"

1981-24 'Global 2000'-Mass Murder Planned for Millions of Entities

1981-23 The Polarizer As An Aid To Stop The Aging Process

1981-22 "Living Together in Peace (cont'd): Problems with Alcohol: Alcohol

1981-21 The Answer to Flesh-Eating Is Increasing The Awareness

1981-18 A Meditation and Experiment For merging With the Universal Will

1981-16 (More on the Bardo States of Consciousness)

1981-13 Tuning into the Infinite: The 13 Levels of Trance

1981-11 The Violation of the Children: Fluoridation For Stupification & Population Control

1981-10 Letters from Bill

1981-09 A Message to the Welfare Mothers and to Those Who Consider Them 'Lea

1981-07 Is Zionism the Hidden Tyranny?

1981-04 "If Karma is Running, Can One Still be Healed?"

1981-03 "What's Ahead for the Aquarian Church, CAC & the Cosmic Awareness Crew

1980-36 How to Go Back in Time

1980-35 A Profile of the CAC Membership

1980-30 Agent Orange- Tragic Karma for those who Went to Vietnam

1980-29 Beyond The Gemstone File

1980-26 The Mark Of The Beast; Part 2

1980-23 A Reprieve For The Peace College

1980-21 (The Chakras in relation to Sexual Desire)

1980-18 SPIRAL - The Society for the Protection of Individual Rights & Liberties

1980-17 An Appeal By Cosmic Awareness, For Alexander, Soldier Of The Light - The Embattled Keeper Of The Flame (Who Has Inherited The Wrath Of The Alien Force)

1980-15 Dr. Peter Beter...The Alarm of Consciousness

1980-07 Turmoil Beneath the Surface of the Sea of Tranquility

1980-06 How to Attract A Mate

1980-05 The Gods who Walk Among you

1980-04 What to expect this coming year - plus a review of 1979

1980-03 What Is Going On In Iran? (Putting The Puzzle Together)

1980-02 Ahriman, The Anti-Christ Has Left This Planet

1980-01 Storms In The Sea Of Consciousness (A Cosmic View Of Things To Come) (predictions)

1979-29 Suicide

1979-28 Are Blacks Less 'Highly Evolved' Than White Anglo-Saxons?

1979-27 A Message To Certain Publications For Cosmic Awareness

1979-26 Nuclear Power Plants

1979-24 Children Of The New Age

1979-23 100 % Sexual Compatibility Not Necessary

1979-21 Cosmic Awareness Suggests What Needs to be Done

1979-20 Organic Robotoids?

1979-19 The Transmutation & Redemption of the Beast Begins

1979-17 'Apocalypse Averted!'

1979-16 The Tide Begins To Turn

1979-15 A M ission to Moscow

1979-14 The Plan of the Beast is On Course- without A Hitch

1979-13 Psychic Vampirism

1979-11 The Mark Of The Beast...What Is So Wrong About Accepting The Brand

1979-10 How to Stay Informed In Spite of the Controlled Press

1979-09 The Perils of Angel Dust

1979-08 Astrology; How Anyone Can Easily Understand it

1979-04 Cosmic Awareness Introduces Itself to the World (Trance Message Given Over Television Station YCAT-7)

1979-02 Preparing For the Storm

1979-01 The battle of Armageddon Begins Within Each Entity

1978-40 Aleister Crowley: 'The Devil's Apostle', 'The Great Beast 666'

1978-36 How To Protect Yourself From Physical Or Psychic Invasion & Healing Your Psychic Aura (Meditation)

1978-33 More About the Aquarian Church of Universal Service (Why Did Cosmic Awareness Title it as a 'Church'? )

1978-32 Responsibility... By Those in Positions of Leadership & Authority

1978-30 How The Use The Sun To Become more Youthful (Also More Sexy, Healthy & Aware)

1978-29 More About the Nazi Holocaust (The Karmic Passion Play With a Cast of Millions)

1978-24 The meditation of The Zero

1978-23 Concerning Baptism

1978-22 The Monthly Trance Healings (Cross-Energizing to Multiply The Force of the Healing)

1978-21 A New Transpersonative Exercise; The Meditation for Loving Another

1978-19 A Peek at Celestria

1977-02 The Riddle of Easter Island

Special Report, Featured Issue: The Journey Of The Soul

Special Report, Featured Issue: 2012 and the Ascension

Special Report, Featured Issue: The Unified States Of Awareness: The Structural Pattern For The New Age Government 7/7/77

2010-01 For Those Who "Will Stand Up And Fight For Freedom!"

2003-09 Huge Organ Transplant Business From Kidnapped Children

2000-05 Transported to the "Highest And Best"

1999-07 (Strong Libidos in Children: how to Deal with)

1998-16 'Stick Finger' Treatment Often Can Improve hearing

1997-17 'Experience the Universe in a Grain of Sand'

1997-10 How Corporations Act as Police 2

1992-12 Special Hotline Edition: Operation "Hot August Night", The Web Of Conspiracy (Part 12): The Nazi Connection And The Mark Of The Beast

1992-11 Some Things you Should Know About the Economic Depression Now Beginning

1991-16 The Alien Presence (Part 10): The Creation and Evolution of Humans

1991-04 How to Lose the Spiritual Balance

1990-21 Living Together in Peace (Continued)

1990-16 The Fight to Save the Last of the Forest Giants

1990-13 Depression and Suicide: A Growing Problem for Young People and the Elderly

1990-12 More Flesh for the Skeleton (Part 2)

1990-07 Silent Murder: America's Secret Shame

1990-03 The Dawning of the New Dispensation

1989-13 The Physics of Consciousness (Part 2): The Information-Processing Universe

1989-12 How the Manipulators are Forestalling an Economic Collapse Today Until a Later Time when they can Implement their Program of Slavery

1989-01 Some Possibilities in the Coming Months

1988-15 (An Example of the Victim/Rescuer Syndrome)

1988-12 "The Evolution of the Bible: Symbols, Myths and Deceptions"

1988-01 Jehovah, The God of Abraham, Not Of Creation

1987-13 Could an Alien Force Take Over a Computer?

1987-10 Aliens In The bedroom

1987-08 A Simple Solution To End War on This Plane

1987-05 When Exactly Will the 'New Age' Arrive?

1986-17 "Hitler and Astrology excerpted from Man, Myth and Magic"

1986-09 How to Avoid Possession by Spirits

1986-05 All About Contact Lenses

1986-04 'When Spirit Did Withdraw Into Itself' - What Does This Mean?

1985-17 (Twisted Christianity...'New Agers' Versus the Laggards)

1984-22 Cell Salts as a Healing Method

1984-16 "All About Gambling, Lotteries and Contests: Does God Prevent Entiti

1984-15 How Christianity was Started

1984-10 Drug-Induced Ego Death

1983-22 More On The 144 Aspects of An Entity

1982-02 If You Want Love, You Must First Learn To Love

1981-25 "Cosmic Awareness Speaks on the 'Unspeakable' Crime: Incest: How t

1981-14 The Awakening of the Avatars (cont'd)

1981-08 "Earthquakes, Weather Warfare and Death Rays: The Annihilation of th

1981-02 A Search For God: The Chronicle of a Wanderer in the New Age: Discoveries of the road to enlightenment

1981-01 "In 1981 What You Receive, You Will Have Earned"

1980-25 How to break the drought

1980-20 Should Children be Taught The Fundamental Christian Doctrine?

1980-13 Through The Valley Of The Shadow...

1980-10 Awareness Explains the Difference Between Subconscious Mind, Soul

1979-03 The Guyana Tragedy (The Ultimate In Mind Control) (Jim Jones)

1978-47 Is Cosmic Awareness Opposed to the U.S. Government?

1978-42 How To Stop The Antichrist

1978-35 More About 'Ascended Masters'

1978-03 Saint Francis of Assisi (How Come There's So Many of your Around?)

1977-18 The Transfer of Power (Continued)

2 'Exorcist' type Forces Possessing an Entity