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Cosmic Awareness Communications Topic Index 1975-2010

1993-10 AIDS and Global 2000 (Part 2)

1985-21 CAC After 10 Years: An Analysis by Awareness

1989-08 AIDS: None Dare Call it Genocide

1993-13 Letting Go of Mechanical Thinking: How You Can Create Psychic and Mental Healing by Bringing Bliss Into Your Life

1978-20 Regarding Cancer: The Great American Tragedy

1998-02 A Combination of Healthy Thoughts and Healthy Diet

2004-02 A Clever Scam Designed for Suckers

1996-02 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Photon Belt

1983-17 How to Get Free of matter

2006-05 The Famous Black Tibetan Black Pill and Healing Strokes 2

1992-02 Under Today's Medical Monopoly, is Age Reversal and Buoyant Good Health Possible?

1982-14 From Cosmic Awareness: A Program to Control & Cure Herpes Simplex Virus

2000-08 The Child learns How to Shock Mother

1994-05 The Secrets of Alchemy - The Philosopher's Stone

2009-02 A Breakthrough in Hearing Loss?

1992-10 Before You Give Blood or Will Your Body Parts to Charity, Here's Some Things You Should Know and Understand First

1983-10 More On Age Rejuvenation: How GH3 Slows the Aging process

2006-11 She's Awakened by Strange Messages (An Interdimensional Warp is O

1986-10 Arthritis, Hypoglycemia, Rheumatism: How To Reverse These

1983-09 Choosing a Goal

1999-04 Grandparents Easily Misused and Manipulated

1996-16 Democracy Not Always the Best Form of Government

2004-04 What To Do When You Get Ripped Off By Dishonest and Greedy Entities

2005-05 An Exercise You Can Do To Relieve Pain

1983-11 Deep Breaths Of Oxygen Are Used In Healing and Transmuting

1989-01 Some Possibilities in the Coming Months

1991-07 Spiritual Healing: How it Works, and a Chance for You to Prove it

1984-03 (Did Jesus Say To Avoid Doctors?)

1984-15 How Christianity was Started

1992-01 The Cosmic Awareness Forecast for 1992 (Sort of)

1992-09 God is Alive, Magic is Afoot!

1983-25 Diseases and problems Caused By Fear and Rejection

1998-09 Oxidants and Antioxidants Clarified

1991-12 How to Overcome Fear

2009-08 How To Protect Ourselves from HAARP Energies (Our original 12 strands of DNA are starting to work)

1985-02 More on the precept: 'Resist Not Evil'

1998-16 'Stick Finger' Treatment Often Can Improve hearing

2007-11 A Cure for Hypothyroidism?

1987-04 How To Deal With Glaucoma

1988-04 (One's Conscience and Responsibility)

1993-03 Karmic Debts: Sooner or Later They Must be Paid

1981-23 The Polarizer As An Aid To Stop The Aging Process

1985-14 Pride and Vanity is Defined

1993-06 California: Last Call!

2000-12 (How the FDA Got L-Tryptophane Removed from the Market)

1984-22 Cell Salts as a Healing Method

1991-10 The Battle to Overcome Loneliness How to Find Yourself a Friend or Companion (And How to Preserve that Friendship or Marriage Once You've Found It)

1999-03 The Conscious Mind or Middle Self Enters a Child by Age 3

1994-07 Preparing For The New Dimension (Part 2): The Awakening Of The New Being

1988-07 Symbology In The "Book Of Revelation" And An Update On The Beast

1991-17 Can the Aliens Prevent Humans From Entering the Kingdom of God?

1984-12 (More On Hypoglycemia)

1994-11 The Family Of Man: Where Did It All Begin?

1989-03 Ecological Time Bomb: Why Our Forests are Dying

1987-10 Aliens In The bedroom

2000-04 The Greatest Lie Being Perpetuated

1988-09 Christianity In The New Age - It's Time To Recognize The Essence

1977-06 The 'Clear Light', The Moment of Death, etc.

1997-10 How Corporations Act as Police 2

2009-07 What`s Going On With the Bankers? (A Feeding Frenzy by the Rich and Super Rich?) 2

1993-11 How The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Was Staged and Where He Went Thereafter: An Attempt to Get the Holy Body of the Divine Back Into Harmony With Its Many Parts

1988-13 "Acceptance, Attention and Comfort: the Key"

2004-11 A Message to Prisoners: Make Good Use of Your Time

2002-12 The Interpreter Sees with Tunnel Vision Not Cosmic Vision

1996-08 Did Clinton Declare a "National Emergency"?

1995-04 Race Mixing - Is The "Bell Curve" Book On Intelligence Valid?

2005-09 If You Consider total Surrender

1978-21 A New Transpersonative Exercise; The Meditation for Loving Another

2004-12 "The Godfrey Incident" in 1975 ("An Unspeakable Incident That Thre

1987-07 A Member Asks: 'How Come Awareness Doesn't Discuss Cosmic Princip

1988-06 How Consciousness Has Changed In Last Three Decades

2004-05 "The Coming Society of Slave Classes"

1985-15 How Many Have Your Served, And How Well?

2006-08 How Can a Young Man Spread Awareness?

1994-09 Preparing For The New Dimension (Part 3): Why The Aging Process Can Be Reversed

2005-02 A Generous Being is Accused of "Buying Friendship"

2001-05 Put Cayenne in Cuts or Sores to Stop Bleeding

1996-11 'Mind Dynamics' VS The Awareness Teachings

1986-15 Why Do People Over-eat, Knowing This is Not Healthy?

1982-21 The Death Wish and Its Relation To Cancer

1986-13 7 Planets in Worse Shape Than Earth

2005-03 Problems Begin When Fantasy Becomes Obsession

2002-02 Being Attentive Allows Awareness To Come Through

1988-01 Jehovah, The God of Abraham, Not Of Creation

2008-04 Divine Timing at Work for CAC Sessions 2

2009-11 Maitreya World Teacher-He's Back l Why Now? 2

2001-08 Spirit Possession: More Common Than You Suspect 2

1992-07 First the Crop Circles, Now Ice Sculptures: The Aliens Want Our Attention

1986-12 "Believe nothing you read nor hear, but doubt, question and discer

1997-06 How Some Souls Self-Destruct

1983-03 "Another Mystery Solved: How An Entire Regiment of Soldiers Disapp

2001-07 Prayers Angelic Beings Might Accept

1983-22 More On The 144 Aspects of An Entity

1977-05 'Yahweh' and Other 'Messiahs'

2004-09 A Doctorate Program For the 21st Century from Awareness

2002-08 A Half-Human Half-Crocodile Mummy is Found

2007-04 "We Have the Only Way" is Characteristic of Many Religions

2005-12 Always Be Watchful at Christmas and Holidays

2005-08 Strange Treatment in a Hospital- And Why His Son Became a Hippie

1993-04 Life After Death Series Continues

2007-08 Circulation Problems Keep Growing After Long Plane Flights

2006-04 "Satan" Could Play a Role in the Age of Aquarius

2000-03 "Agree With These Adversary Quickly!"

1987-14 How to Enhance the Joys of Sex

2005-06 A Peek at Life in Limbo

1989-09 Cosmic Awareness Discusses Perfectionism

1995-16 Is China Preparing For All-Out War?

1984-20 "The New Morality: Gay Rights, the ERA, etc.: A Conservative Speak

2003-10 "Internal Earthquakes" Relieved by Passing Wind

1983-06 "Celestria, Heaven, Hades and Hell Planes: More on Summeria: The Pla

1981-24 'Global 2000'-Mass Murder Planned for Millions of Entities

1981-06 "Beware: Drugs are in your Coffee! Shame on You, Mrs. Olson"

2003-06 A Healthy Child When It is Held Continuously?

2000-11 The Spirit That Claimed to be Cosmic Awareness

1997-14 A Healing for the Membership

1994-06 Preparing Yourself For The Coming New Dimension

1990-07 Silent Murder: America's Secret Shame

2009-12 2012 Information: He Can't Seem to Absorb The Enormity...

2006-12 Asian Gangs Are Killing People Here

1991-09 The Wanderers Dilemma: What to do About the Aliens?

2001-11 Hiding the Agony 2

2001-06 Back to the Subject of Free Will Mentioned Earlier

1992-15 Coming Earth Changes and a UFO Update

1981-12 What About Cayce's Version of Atlantis Near The Bahamas?

2001-03 You Can Mentally help Move entities into New Directions

1991-13 How to Quit Smoking

1991-08 The Moonlight Scenario