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Cosmic Awareness Communications Topic Index 1975-2010

1993-10 AIDS and Global 2000 (Part 2)

1989-08 AIDS: None Dare Call it Genocide

1993-13 Letting Go of Mechanical Thinking: How You Can Create Psychic and Mental Healing by Bringing Bliss Into Your Life

2004-02 A Clever Scam Designed for Suckers

1993-06 California: Last Call!

1992-01 The Cosmic Awareness Forecast for 1992 (Sort of)

1989-01 Some Possibilities in the Coming Months

1984-15 How Christianity was Started

1986-15 Why Do People Over-eat, Knowing This is Not Healthy?

1989-03 Ecological Time Bomb: Why Our Forests are Dying

1993-03 Karmic Debts: Sooner or Later They Must be Paid

1999-04 Grandparents Easily Misused and Manipulated

1991-12 How to Overcome Fear

2009-02 A Breakthrough in Hearing Loss?

1996-12 A Few Elite Mattoids Have Chosen to make War on the Masses

1993-04 Life After Death Series Continues

1988-04 (One's Conscience and Responsibility)

1996-08 Did Clinton Declare a "National Emergency"?

1978-20 Regarding Cancer: The Great American Tragedy

1992-02 Under Today's Medical Monopoly, is Age Reversal and Buoyant Good Health Possible?

1998-16 'Stick Finger' Treatment Often Can Improve hearing

1997-14 A Healing for the Membership

1993-01 What's Ahead In 1993?

1992-16 That Great White Light: Should You or Shouldn't You Enter It?

1990-05 The Goblin Universe: Understanding the New Reality

1991-08 The Moonlight Scenario

1989-15 All About Predictions: How they Work

1990-07 Silent Murder: America's Secret Shame

1994-05 The Secrets of Alchemy - The Philosopher's Stone

1991-13 How to Quit Smoking

1983-25 Diseases and problems Caused By Fear and Rejection

1982-22 Everything You Ever Wanted to know About Fleas -But Were Afraid t

1993-11 How The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Was Staged and Where He Went Thereafter: An Attempt to Get the Holy Body of the Divine Back Into Harmony With Its Many Parts

1992-07 First the Crop Circles, Now Ice Sculptures: The Aliens Want Our Attention

2001-07 Prayers Angelic Beings Might Accept

2001-05 Put Cayenne in Cuts or Sores to Stop Bleeding

1999-02 The Planet Neptune in Square to other Planets

1997-02 Does a Victim Sap Energy Off His Murderer?

1993-12 The Web of Conspiracy (Part 13)

1998-09 Oxidants and Antioxidants Clarified

1989-14 All About the Interpreter's Channeling Free Will and the New Age

2004-12 "The Godfrey Incident" in 1975 ("An Unspeakable Incident That Thre

2002-11 A "Sinner" In One Who has Missed the Mark

1984-02 "Gold and Silver: What About Them? Up, Down, Possible Confiscation?"

1987-11 (How to lose Your talents)

2004-09 A Doctorate Program For the 21st Century from Awareness

1997-10 How Corporations Act as Police 2

1981-12 What About Cayce's Version of Atlantis Near The Bahamas?

2004-11 A Message to Prisoners: Make Good Use of Your Time

2000-04 The Greatest Lie Being Perpetuated

1997-11 'Do I Really Need Another Reflection of Myself?'

1992-12 Special Hotline Edition: Operation "Hot August Night", The Web Of Conspiracy (Part 12): The Nazi Connection And The Mark Of The Beast

1992-03 Ready or Not the New Age Cometh!

2007-06 That Ominous Bulge Beneath Yellowstone Park

2005-05 An Exercise You Can Do To Relieve Pain

2005-02 A Generous Being is Accused of "Buying Friendship"

2003-02 Do The Greys Really Want Their IQ's Lowered by Mixing With Humans

1997-04 A Warning About Joining a Militia

1996-11 'Mind Dynamics' VS The Awareness Teachings

1991-07 Spiritual Healing: How it Works, and a Chance for You to Prove it

1988-06 How Consciousness Has Changed In Last Three Decades

1986-04 'When Spirit Did Withdraw Into Itself' - What Does This Mean?

2009-07 What`s Going On With the Bankers? (A Feeding Frenzy by the Rich and Super Rich?) 2

2006-12 Asian Gangs Are Killing People Here

2005-09 If You Consider total Surrender

2005-08 Strange Treatment in a Hospital- And Why His Son Became a Hippie

2003-03 These Same Forces Are Promoting the New World Order

1996-02 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Photon Belt

1995-15 Is Our World Reality Just an Illusion?

1994-06 Preparing Yourself For The Coming New Dimension

1993-08 Why Only Talk About The Negative Aliens? Why Not Tell Us About The "Good Guys?"

1992-10 Before You Give Blood or Will Your Body Parts to Charity, Here's Some Things You Should Know and Understand First

1991-01 From Cosmic Awareness: A Preview of the Year 1991

1990-16 The Fight to Save the Last of the Forest Giants

1988-10 "More Violence, More Compassion and a New Tolerance Is on the Way"

1986-05 All About Contact Lenses

1985-22 Are Violators Of Others Kept in Astral Bondage After Death?

1985-07 Monitoring By Guides or Guardian Angels

1982-01 "What Is Going to Happen November 22, 1984?"

2008-03 More On The Angelic Realm 2

2007-04 "We Have the Only Way" is Characteristic of Many Religions

2007-01 The Cosmic Awareness Forecast for the Year 2007

2005-11 Any Cure for a Quadriplegic?

2005-01 A Tree Also Receives Your Thoughts and Suggestions

2003-12 A Three Year Old Boy Astounds People By Reading Books and Newspape

2003-10 "Internal Earthquakes" Relieved by Passing Wind

2002-10 "Space Brothers" And Marshmallow Messages Appeal to Many

2002-01 A Story on the Origin of Islam

2001-11 Hiding the Agony 2

2001-08 Spirit Possession: More Common Than You Suspect 2

2001-01 (How Dark Force Energies Are Being Absorbed by the Light Energies)

2000-07 Beyond the Offensive Material is Seen a Form of Art

2000-02 "Black Man's Head" Tree Extract For Remembering Past Lives

1999-10 What About Benjamin Creme's Maitreya?

1998-11 This Meditation Can Totally Alter Your Life

1998-06 A Message From the Editor ( A Review of Interpreters ) 2

1997-01 Could This All be An Elaborate Hoax?

1996-15 Trial of the Freemen 3

1996-14 Without the Breath of God There would be No Life on Earth

1996-13 A Message From Death Row (A Serial Killer of 8 Women Seeks Reconc

1995-16 Is China Preparing For All-Out War?

1995-11 Is Clinton About to Start a Mid-East War to Ensure His Re-Electio

1995-09 CIA's David Karesh Influenced Bombing

1995-08 If the Human Race Were to Disappear, Where Would Entities and Creat

1995-07 Preparing for the New dimension (Part 4): Creating the Light Body That Will Overcome Death

1994-16 A Marine Obsessed with Murder and Manson

1994-04 Waiting For That Miracle To Happen

1994-03 New World Order Probably Won't Happen Until The Next Century

1993-09 More on How Karma Works

1993-02 Will We See the End of the World?

1992-11 Some Things you Should Know About the Economic Depression Now Beginning

1992-09 God is Alive, Magic is Afoot!

1992-05 It's Time for You to Get Out and Try Something Different

1991-14 Meteor Heading for Earth Guided by UFO Invaders

1990-20 Is the Material Released Through C.A.C. "Anti- Government"?

1990-02 Special Report: The Web of Conspiracy (Part 5): The Alien Presence: The Secret Government Exposed

1989-06 A Special Healing from Cosmic Awareness to all Members of C.A.C.

1988-12 "The Evolution of the Bible: Symbols, Myths and Deceptions"

1987-10 Aliens In The bedroom

1986-03 Miraculous Healing- how to Do it

1985-21 CAC After 10 Years: An Analysis by Awareness

1985-02 More on the precept: 'Resist Not Evil'

1984-13 Looking At Self from a Distance

1983-12 "Who is Trying to Destroy Mr. [Yuri] Andropov, the Russian Leader?

1983-10 More On Age Rejuvenation: How GH3 Slows the Aging process

1983-07 "How Would Gandhi Handle World Problems Today? Non-Violently, Of C

1983-04 "A Message to Light Workers: Judge Not, Condemn Not: Don't Use the

1983-03 "Another Mystery Solved: How An Entire Regiment of Soldiers Disapp

1982-23 "Garlic, Onions and Bonfires in Healing"

1977-05 'Yahweh' and Other 'Messiahs'