What To Do With The Ashes Of A Cremated Loved One?

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A question from C.W., Canton, Ohio. She asks: "What should one do with one’s ashes after cremation? My daughter is upset that I want to be cremated."


This Awareness indicates that it is a matter of an entity’s own choice.

This Awareness suggests that often the people who remain need a designated place that they can go to psychologically focus on the departed entity when they need affection or energies or some kind of memory of the departed person, and to have the ashes put into a crypt would provide a place where the entities can go for that kind of focal point.

This Awareness indicates some entities would like the ashes in an urn, put on some shelf for display or for closer proximity. Some entities would want to have the ashes nearby.

This Awareness indicates that this is not seen as always healthy for the survivor to have ashes as a constant reminder, for it is important that the survivor gets on with his or her own life, and not cling to the past memory of a departed loved one too much or for too long.

This Awareness indicates that entities can easily become fixated or obsessed with those who have passed over. In most cases, it is best for them to have the ashes some distance away, where they can make an effort and go there when they really need that memory, that vibration, that frequency, that consciousness, as a reminder of their loved one.

That reminder can sometimes be very helpful in an entity’s self-image, particularly if the loved one truly cared about them, and things are not going so well now. If they can attune to the loved one, go make the contact, it can help them in terms of their self-image or in terms of their feeling about themselves in a way that gives encouragement to them.

This Awareness indicates that to have the energy too close, such as an entity who might put the ashes next to the bed, where it is seen every day; this could be psychologically unhealthy for most entities.

This Awareness indicates that others may wish to scatter the ashes in an area that was a favorite place of the departed one, thinking more in terms of the departed one than in terms of their own personal needs, but it should be recognized that the departed one does not stay or care where the ashes are put and does not need to be placed in a particularly special place.

Therefore, to put the ashes in the departed one’s favorite place is simply a matter of choice of the individual remaining and does not particularly benefit or affect the departed one any at all.

This Awareness indicates the good thing about cremation is that ashes do not require an attachment to places or so individuals, and spirits of the individual do not hang around with the ashes.

This Awareness indicates that when the body is buried, it takes quite some time before the full astral shell leaves the body and even longer for it to dissolve and for an entity to reincarnate and be complete in his or her new incarnation.

The astral shell of the entity’s past life needs to be dissolved so that the energies can be returned to the entity in his or her future life. This Awareness indicates that if the astral shell holds too much energy and is not dissolved and cannot break free from the previous embodiment or is attached to some locale and cannot break free from past life attachments, then the new incarnated body may have a certain amount of incompleteness, being essentially retarded to some degree, and not being fully incarnated and integrated until all of that past-life attachment is dissolved, including the astral shell from the past life.

ED’s Note: Here in the Northwest, it is common to spread the ashes over the ancient forests or over the ocean. There are helicopter services around that will do this for a small fee. Certain laws apply as to where ashes can be disposed, but using the above places is a legal way to do it.

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