Life In The 5th Dimension After The Ascension, How Manifestation Works In Our Third Dimension

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Questioner: (Thank you. We have a question from Lloyd Arrd concerning the fifth dimension. He writes: “I am trying to understand the range or levels of experience in the fifth dimension after Ascension. To my understanding, at the lower levels of the fifth dimension we would still be living in boxes with doors and windows on them, imagining that we own property and focusing mainly on life in a physical body. At the highest levels of the fifth we would be living in our light bodies with no need for anything physical, although anything physical we desired could be manifested instantly. Would Awareness please expand on the range of experiences in the fifth dimension? Thank you.”

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness would start Its explanation by stating that while the entity Lloyd And has stated it is his understanding that at the lower 5th the people would still live in boxes with windows and doors and have a physical experience– this is not actually so.

What this Awareness would say to this is this could be so if one decided to create such an illusion of reality in the lower 5th. They could continue in that manner, creating until they became aware that they did not need to live in this box as they did in earthly existence.

The majority will not be living in boxes, for they will decide to live a different type of reality, but some may well wish to continue their physical experience into the instant levels of manifestation that are available in the fifth dimension. Thus the assumption and assertion that many would live in the physical state of experience in the fifth is not entirely correct, as this Awareness has said. It is simply one of many choices, and it is a choice that could be made if so desired, but it would not be the same as living in the third dimensional reality, where their ability to create instantly is not available while in physical form.

How Manifestation Works In Our Third Dimension

Manifestation is still occurring but two things affect manifestation on the third dimension. First, it is done unconsciously without an understanding or perception 5 that the individual is creating reality, and secondly it is done in slow motion. Therefore, that which is being manifested may take days, weeks, months or even years to actually bring it into being, whereas in the lower fifth levels it is instantaneous, so one does not have to work a long hard life in order to pay off the house, the box one is living in. One simply wishes to live in that box, a mansion if you will, a hut if you desire, and it will be instantly so. This, of course, makes this a quite different experience than manifesting in physical reality.

With Ascension many who will choose to expand to fifth dimension will be able to come back into the third dimension, but hold the ability of the fifth in the third.

This means that they will be consciously aware of their ability to manifest and they will consciously be able to do this instantly, versus the long prolonged experience of manifesting as it is now experienced in the third dimension before Ascension occurs, before those who are aware of how it works can make it to be so. This Awareness is referring to the masses on this planet that are still asleep and are totally unaware of how to manifest and how to raise consciousness. They are stuck in their sleep state at a low third dimensional level.

Some on this plane have already figured it out

There are already some on the third dimensional plane of existence who have figured it out, who have raised their consciousness and their awareness and are starting to see that they can manifest their realities while still in third dimensional form. It is a slow-motion event, but for many it is actually starting to speed up and even with the realization that they can manifest on the third dimension, they are not as confined to letting it drag out as is normally the case. They can speed up the process.

This is what distinguishes the lower fifth with the third dimension. This Awareness hopes that this Awareness has explained this clearly and sufficiently.

How Imagination Plays Into All This

Questioner: (I believe so. There’s just one question).

With the imagination playing into this in the sense of being limited only by our own imagination and ability to shift our reality into different frequencies; does that play into it?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness would say that the power of the gift that is imagination is perhaps the most important power that humanity possesses, and yet it is the least understood and the most demeaned and debased of all powers and gifts and talents that humans have. It is unfortunate that humans do not understand that it is through imagination, through the power of imaging, imagining that anything at all is manifested and created.

By demeaning the power of imagination, most individuals do not see this as a relevant power or a meaningful state of affairs, and they are very quick in their condemnation that “it is only in one’s imagination.” This infers that imagination is illusionary, and has no power and no effect on altering one’s life and reality, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Indeed, it is only by being able to image a thought and to imagine an event, that the energies will be released that cause that or manifest that. This Awareness must be also clear here: that simply imagining something does not guarantee its instant manifestation, but as one learns to control this process, and up the energy in it, making it stronger and more relevant, then this would help that imagining process to create instantly. On the fifth plane it is through the imagination that one creates and manifests that which is being imagined.

This occurs on the earthly plane but in a much more watered-down version, and because the concept of one’s imagination as being illusionary also exists, this further limits the power of the imagination.

Magic and Imagination However, if it was not for the ability to imagine, one would never have even come into physical form, for it was an act of imagination at the higher levels of consciousness that began a process of manifesting the soul into a physical form and body. Thus it is that if one does not appreciate, accept or understand the power, the magic, that is in imagination — and it is pointed out that magic and imagination have the same root word — that if one does not understand this and recognize this, then one certainly cannot bring magic into their lives, for they simply would not believe it; they would not believe it possible. Thus, your assumption that understanding imagination and not limiting it is very important to bring the energies of fifth dimensional manifestation to work here in the third dimension that most humans are finding themselves in.

How a Thought is Born

Questioner: (That was most helpful) Another question arises: when a person imagines, is this done in the third dimension or is it done on a different frequency than the third, or where actually does that little light bulb take place?

Cosmic Awareness: The imagination process happens in the mind, that which is the middle self. The middle self is spiritual in nature. It does not exactly have a physical form, although it resides in a physical container that is known as the body. Therefore, the thought is born in a dimension other than third, but it is housed in a third dimensional reality, and thus interpreted in third dimensional form. One could say that the thought comes from the fifth dimension but must still be translated into physical expression, even though it is born in the mind, which is not necessarily physical but will be translated into physicality.

Questioner: Wow! That’s amazing. Thank you. That really explains it. That is fantastic. Thank you.

Cosmic Awareness: Further to this, when one becomes aware of their fifth dimensional nature as the mind, that the middle self is of the fifth dimension, and one understands the imaginative process of allowing the thought to materialize in the physical, one can also begin to open up more and more to their higher nature.

Ultimately, Ascension is this process: to realize that one is not confined to third dimensional reality, but already is stepping across the void into fifth dimensional reality, and that one has a foot in the fifth dimension at all times, and as one begins to realize this, their ability to imagine and manifest what is imagined will accelerate and it will indeed become more powerful and profound.

Also, as one begins to understand their higher aspect of being, they can indeed become more receptive to the guidance offered by the High Self, and the process becomes one of unifying with the High Self and the low self. Thus, the manifestation that can take place in third dimension will be of a very high nature indeed and will eventually exceed anything that exists at this time, even by spiritually aware beings that have not quite figured it all out. This is still that which is unfolding, and this is that which is to still take place.

Questioner: And for some it’s starting to take place, is that correct?

Cosmic Awareness: Indeed, it is starting to take place for many. This Awareness in Its opening message in the last session did declare that it is time for individuals to become much more aware of the strange and weird events in their lives and the manifestations that will start to appear in their lives.

Questioner: You know, you did say that these are exciting times and indeed they are.

Cosmic Awareness: Indeed they are.

Questioner: Thank you. I’m sure the information will be appreciated by the membership very, very much.

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness would simply add that the membership should imagine it and it will be so.

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4 Responses to “Life In The 5th Dimension After The Ascension, How Manifestation Works In Our Third Dimension”

  1. BOB SCHREINER says:

    hello all my name is bob schreiner and i'm new to learning how to manifest in any dininsion!! i really need everyone's help here!!! you can contact me at with ant help on manifesting that anyone know's thank you all and GOD bless you all sincerely BOB SCHREINER

    • Akira Dawn says:

      I'd look into the works of Abraham-Hicks and Neville Goddard for a beginner's guide to Law of Attraction. Shakti Gawain's another good one. :)

      Really, it has to do with emotion. Notice your focus, your thoughts, your images in your mind and your emotions... and then pay attention to later when you feel the echo of it occurring again.

      We're creating *constantly* - just by paying attention to the rhythms of your life you'll begin to get a key to it all. :)

  2. Joel says:

    I'm "17yrs old" I want to be able to start manifesting I've read and watched tons of videos about dimensions time-space levels of conscience and I would love of someone contacted me with some advice

  3. maz says:

    5th dimension is an imaginary one,the fifth dimension says as ether,but the scientist even find the either.ether defined as the space between space.for example in a room there is one chair and table.we can see that both chair and table in 3d .so ether may the gap between these table and chair.but actually we did not see this,we are just imagine it ,we just create it in our thoughts,so ether may be the thoughts...

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