Dreams Where "Dead" Loved Ones Appear: Are You Actually Meeting Them Somewhere?

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What happens when you unexpectedly dream about loved ones that have passed over. They just show up in the dream and they seem to recognize you, and so forth. Are you actually meeting them, or is it some psychological thing?


This Awareness indicates quite often these entities having passed on will visit you in dreams. On some occasions these are simply memories within your own psyche that are stirring up recollection. It is not difficult for entities to visualize a loved one who has passed on during their wakened state. You can think of yourself as sitting and having a conversation with someone who has passed over, and it is not forbidden that you do just because you are asleep. In fact, when you are asleep, your mind is quite imaginative. Therefore, you may simply be dreaming in a sense of imagination of meeting your loved one again. Thus, the dream can originate from yourself or in some cases, it can be influenced from the other side, whereby the other makes contact with you to share moments with you, often to give you some kind of message that it wishes you to enjoy or to have

This Awareness indicates usually these visitations from departed loved ones, if inspired from the other side, occur when you are troubled about something concerning them or shortly after they have passed over, when they wish to give you their fond farewell.

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