More About The Aquarian Church Of Universal Service (Why Did Cosmic Awareness Title It As A ‘Church’?): Cosmic Awareness Issue 1978-33

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More About The Aquarian Church Of Universal Service

Why did Cosmic Awareness Title it as a 'Church'?

1978 - 33

Paul Shockley - Trance-Interpreter

Question: We've had a number of people write in when they see the reference to theAquarian Church of Universal Service, that the word 'church' seems to bother them quite a bit.

We had one letter from C.B., which is pretty typical and she writes: "The reason I am sending you this is because I have a matter which concerns me and maybe you can give me an answer.

I am really puzzled by churches. Along with Awareness, there are other speakers who also say churches only cause a separateness between us, whereby our beliefs are right, or best, and others are wrong.

I can see this reality, yet I am constantly reading about the Aquarian Church. Now doesn't this contradict Awareness?

Are you using this church as a social means of gathering, or what exactly is it?"

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness indicates that essentially, the use of the word 'church' is the title of the Aquarian Church of Universal Service is put there to assist in protecting the ministers of this Awareness so that they may have the benefits of the First Amendment of the Constitution, so that they may assist in healing others and teaching and giving service.

This Awareness suggests that were this name not there, it would be more difficult and there would be much suspicion as to what the Aquarian Church of Universal Service Organization was about.

This Awareness indicates that the use of the name 'church' indicates this is a religious organization.

This Awareness indicates that even though this is a religious organization and a church as established under law, it is of a different nature.

The Aquarian Church at present does not have a congregation as such, or the normal membership as most churches have.

This Awareness indicates this as being more likened unto an order of ministers working together, giving service where service can be given.

This Awareness indicates this may be likened unto a Jesuit order of the Roman Catholic Church, but this as rather an order of Awareness ministers in a new kind of church which is the church of humanity, and that the services being given are not given in in pomp and show, whereby the ministers do not wear costumes, but wear ordinary street clothing, looking the way they do according to the occupation or job which they choose to fulfill.

This Awareness indicates there are entities who are ministers who may dress as business people, may dress as mechanics, may dress as housewives, may dress as social service persons, or may dress in any manner that they choose.

This Awareness indicates that their own costume and their own chosen role determine the kind of garb which they will wear.

This Awareness indicates that this Awareness works through their channel as ministers and indicates to them individually what their role is in their activities as a minister of this Awareness.

This Awareness indicates that up to the present time, the Aquarian Church does not have meetings of a congregational type, wherein sermons are given; that there shall be spiritual gatherings whereby ministers and friends may attend, and that there will be opportunities whereby certain services can be extended by these ministers to the general public as the need arises.

This Awareness indicates essentially, the Aquarian Church is designed to help manifest certain projects which this Awareness has asked to be manifested upon this plane.

This Awareness indicates that information on this has been given and that further information shall be made available within the near future.*

For more information on the role the Aquarian Church of Universal Service is to play in the New Age, please refer to the booklet, 'Cosmic Awareness Speaks' (Volume 2).

The Aquarian Church of Universal Service Organization was founded by Paul Shockley, trance-interpreter for Cosmic Awareness, and who channels most of the information at this time coming forth from C.A.C., which, although a separate tax-exempt organization and not officially affiliated with the Aquarian Church, is, in essence that branch of the Aquarian Church which puts forth the philosophy of Cosmic Awareness to the masses.

One of the most important projects the Aquarian Church has set in motion is the Unified States of Awareness, the New Age government which Cosmic Awareness officially launched at York, Pennsylvania, July 16, 1977, and which is destined to manifest into consciousness any day now.

All C.A.C.

members are urged to support the Aquarian Church and its many activities and subscribe to their publication: 'Journey to the source' which is supplementary material to the correspondence course lessons being mailed to you by C.A.C.

More and more information is being made available by this organization, including messages from Cosmic Awareness not published by C.A.C. For more information on this new service, please write direct to them at the address below.

Also request the free catalog from the GOODSHIP which lists many New Age products, many of which have been mentioned by Awareness in the readings.

Write only to: The Aquarian Church of Universal Service

P.O. Box 40083

Portland, Oregon 97240.

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To Read Cosmic Awareness 1978-33:
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