Did Adam Weishaupt Replace George Washington? (Getting History Straight: Did The Founder Of The Illuminati Take Over As President?)

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In the book “The Gods of Eden” by Bramley, he talks about how he researched the book, and his attempts to overturn commonly-accepted historical facts and finding at least three different sources before he would begin to accept any of them, but one of the things that is sort of interesting, he says: “For example, I ran into the George Washington/Adam Weishaupt theory which speculates that George Washington had been secretly been removed from the U.S. Presidency and that Adam Weishaupt of Bavarian Illuminati fame (who actually looked a bit like George Washington) had taken Washington’s place after Weishaupt’s mysterious disappearance from Bavaria.” Does Awareness see any truth to that?


This Awareness indicates that this appears to have been at some time after the entity Washington was President, near the end of his term, the entity Weishaupt became d double for Washington and then Washington himself was phased out and Weishaupt acted the role in his final months as President.

This Awareness indicates that there are many who claim the Washington on the dollar bill is actually a picture of Weishaupt. This Awareness indicates that it appears that some of the dollar bills were imprinted with this entity’s face; that the entity Weishaupt was much smaller in stature, that Washington was a much larger man and the images or drawings of Washington gradually gave way to other drawings of Weishaupt with such close similarity that many entities did not recognize them as two different persons.

This Awareness indicates that Weishaupt as being a hero to Masonry and to the Illuminati and those of the Rothschild faction; this coming from the 1600s down to the present, with Weishaupt being a hero for them moreso than even George Washington is with the population of the United States.

How Communism and Fascism Began With Weishaupt

This Awareness indicates that for those who do not know who Weishaupt was, this entity was one who funned the Bavarian Illuminati.

He commissioned Carl Ritter and Karl Marx to create two opposing arguments for society. Karl Marx promoting the Communist manifesto and programs to lead entities toward a Communist type program; Carl Ritter promoting a kind of Nazism and Capitalistic extreme right wing point of view, so that these two created a split in ideologies that later resulted in conflicts in the 20th Century (actually beginning in earlier centuries) resulting in the World War I, World War II, and the Cold War, based on the ideologies created by these two entities who were commissioned by Adam Weishaupt.

This Awareness indicates that their purpose was to divide the world and create, from this division, a synthesis which would then be different from what previously existed as ideals for society such as the ideals of religion and of the Republic of the United States with its Constitution, and these things being overshadowed by the conflicts of Communism and Fascism, so that in the end, a pseudo-democracy would emerge with a kind of Fascist and Communist merging to take over as the New World Order.

This Awareness indicates that even from centuries back, the term for the New World Order was placed on your dollar bill and entities involved in the movement stemming from Weishaupt’s efforts continued to work toward this New World Order. Up to present time, these efforts have come down in such a way that many entities think it is patriotic to promote such ideas.

This Awareness indicates that, essentially, Adam Weishaupt was a powerful man who helped to create ideas that have destroyed much of the evolution of civilization — that culminated in the United States Constitution — which today is being eroded and replaced by United Nations and New World Order rules, regulations and contracts.

This Awareness indicates that the rise of Hitler, the rise of the Kaiser in Germany and World War I, and the rise of Communism would not have occurred without Adam Weishaupt commissioning these entities to write their books and without his influence in helping these books become printed and spread far and wide.

Of course the entity Adam Weishaupt was a close associate of the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds helped to promote these works also.


How was Washington persuaded to allow Weishaupt to take his place?


This entity was not persuaded. This entity was forcibly removed. Weishaupt took his place in the last months while Washington was under great stress and controlled by entities in such a way that Weishaupt took much of the action that was supposed to be implemented by the President, while the President was elsewhere.

This Awareness indicates it appears there was some type of weakness or illness involved, and that Weishaupt filled in for him, particularly when needing to be in a situation such as a meeting or in a public place to show that the President was fulfilling his duties.



Did Weishaupt during that time influence the money system?


This does not appear to be so. It appears that Alexander Hamilton was the main influence on the money system. This entity was an agent for Rothschild and the Rothschild banking system. Alexander Hamilton was of such incompetence that he was removed from his position before he could do total damage to the U.S. money system.


Well, that’s one we never read in the history books in school.


This Awareness indicates that Weishaupt was not a very visible president and most entities presumed that when they saw him that it was Washington. This Awareness indicates that his exposure to the public was very rare, and only when it was necessary. This Awareness indicates it is not, or was not, an unusual thing, even in those times, to have doubles for presidents or kings or people of importance in governments.

This Awareness indicates that often, even in monarchies, the king would have a double and the double would fill in for the king. It was only when people knew the king well and were going to meet with the king and talk with the king that it would be difficult to use a double. In the case of Weishaupt, he was not suitable to be an exact double of Washington, except at a distance or with people who did not know Washington first hand prior to this duplication.


Does Awareness see Weishaupt creating any major mischief for our country at the time he was in that office?


This Awareness indicates that there was an intention of putting the entity in and of bringing about some changes in the Constitution, in the government and in the monetary system, but that this kind of major change did not come about. The entity was not there for long enough, nor did the entity have sufficient influence over Congress and the judicial branch to be able to do much. This Awareness indicates that it appears the entity attempted to create some legal maneuvers relating to the Constitution and to the relationship between the government and the states. It does not appear that there was actually any notable change in the way things occurred, and the entity appears to have only been involved for several months.

This Awareness indicates that the energy on this is very vague and unclear because there is little energy anywhere available in regard to this.

Most people were unaware, and only certain Masons knew of this and they kept it secret, and there are also certain locks and shields caused by the secrecy and vagaries caused by the lack of energy surrounding the situation This Awareness indicates that the more something is energized into consciousness, the easier it is to see the details. The more something is obscured from consciousness, the more difficult it is to see the details. This Awareness indicates that there has been very little energizing on this concept or on the entity Weishaupt and his relationship with Washington. This Awareness indicates therefore, the energies are not strong or clear in this respect, but maybe after some energizing and some time for further reading of these energies or resting of the energies, further clarification will follow.



Does Awareness see the entity Weishaupt as being incarnated today in any particularly significant role in the world scene?


This Awareness indicates that it appears this entity as one and the same as George Bush.

George Bush is, of course, totally unaware of this connection, except perhaps on a subconscious level.

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  1. Farnie Vicks says:

    I just read Rite of the Revolution by Roquel Rodgers. I don't know how accurate she/he/the author is about when the replacement occurred, but the story is the same as yours. Really amazing stuff and an awesome book. Interesting to see this theory corroborated here.

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