Are Those Who Are Creating Crop Circles Really Artful, Playful, Gracious Entities? (We Hear From One Entity Who Disagrees With Cosmic Awareness)

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(Excerpt from a C.A.C. General Reading, June 18,1993)


A couple of questions from R.R., in Denver, Colorado. He writes: “I and many others who read my copy of “Revelations of Awareness” have been dissatisfied with what you’ve printed about Awareness’s comments on the crop circle phenomenon. We feel that this is a very significant event. These seem to be the first lasting marks made by supernatural intelligence that we can really investigate. Southern England is beautiful and sacred land and when these formations appear overnight in a food crop field, I certainly think they are some form of communication. They are cleverly placed, artful, magnificent, and show me that a caring (the grass is not hurt), conscious, intelligence is at work here and knows full well that humans are watching this magic at work, and pondering the implications and energies. (I am not talking about hoax formations which might make up 5-20% of the total). It seems to me, after careful field study and some research and networking, that what we have here is communication from some other intelligence from the greater universe. Not meaningless markers but rather meaningful symbols for us to puzzle over and meditate upon like sacred art. Let me give you some examples of what I mean. I joined the CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) research team at Alton Barnes in the summer of 1992. One evening a small group of us on the top of Woodborough hill sat in a circle and discussed and decided upon a shape that we would project out through focused meditation to the circle makers (whoever they are). For 30 minutes we meditated and visualized this shape. We told no one of this shape and did not draw it out but rather held it in our minds. The next morning our requested design was imprinted in a field below Oliver’s Castle five or so miles away. The CCCS (Centre for Crop Circle Studies in England) authenticated this formation as not being hoaxed because it was too well done and had all the hallmarks of a genuine formation. Is this not the beginning of a dialog? What else could we have asked for? If they give us a formation we request, would they give us something serious like answers or help with some of our more pressing world problems? Every night that I was in this part of England, I saw UFO’s of one sort or another, mostly unusual lights, sometimes a structured ship. My questions for Awareness are: Who specifically is creating these Crop Formations? We suspect Pleiadians, not Zeta Greys, as Awareness has postulated. The energies are too healing and positive to be from a negative source. We are dealing with something that is artful, playful, gracious, and the resulting formations are stunningly beautiful.”

And he’s got another series of questions, but perhaps Awareness could answer the first one.


This Awareness indicates that It does not see this as coming from the Pleiadians. It sees this as coming from certain other entities of extraterrestrial origin. This Awareness has very little difference with this entity’s evaluation, It simply does not see it as coming from the Pleiadians.

This Awareness indicates that It indicated previously, and apparently the entity disagrees, that these circles were symbols left in part for their own people to understand, much like the Kilroy sign during World War II, it being like a marker to give information to those who follow.

This Awareness indicates there is also a kind of language involved in the diagrams that is understood by these entities who communicate through these symbolic diagrams. This Awareness indicates that it appears the language is evolved from earlier Celtic symbols. They are not Celtic, but can be seen as having some similarities and are the evolved result from a Celtic origin.

This Awareness indicates it would appear that the Celts received their symbols from entities from the ancient past who were extraterrestrial in nature. This Awareness indicates that it should be understood that the Greys, particularly those from Orion, have had contact with those of earth down through the ages; that also the Pleiadians have had such contact. It just simply does not appear to this Awareness that these particular entities are Pleiadians.

How Pleiadians Make Contact With Earthlings

Pleiadians seeking to contact humans use a different approach: they communicate through telepathy first. After a certain amount of telepathic communication, they make themselves visible, and then by visible means, show that they recognize the entity much in the way they danced their space ships before Billy Meier’s cameras.

Then, after a period of recognition maneuvers, they telepathically communicate further in regards to a direct meeting, and they meet directly with the entity. This Awareness indicates if there had been Pleiadians use of crop circles it would likely have occurred in the area where Billy Meier had his contacts also.

This Awareness indicates that the British Isles have long been a center for communication from Draco, or that which is called the Dragon people. There are what are termed Dragon Holes in the countryside and stories relating to the Dragon People. It is likely that this area is visited by entities from Draco or their allies and associates.

This Awareness indicates that this is easily researched in UFO lore pertaining to the area and there even existed the secret society of the Pendragon clan, which was basically a secret religious order centered around the Dragon, which John Adams and his family were part of; this in reference to the second president of the United States.

This Awareness indicates that the dragon also was associated with the story of King Arthur, which in turn was related to the society known as Pendragon.

This Awareness indicates it appears the Pleiadians had much of their contact in earlier times in the Middle East; also in certain areas of Europe, Asia and South America. The Pleiadians being associated also with the Caucasus mountains and down through the Middle East and into Egypt, in later times. They also had certain influences in Atlantis.

This Awareness indicates that these entities appear to have followed after some of the earlier visits by the Draconians and the Greys of Orion are seen as having come later. However, there was yet an earlier visit by the Orion Greys dating back to a period in Atlantis. This Awareness indicates there was also a time in the pre-Christian era of the Middle East wherein these Orion influences were expressed, particularly in the time prior to the life of Alexander the Great.

This Awareness indicates that it appears that the more recent crop circles are mostly from the Orion Greys and some relating to the Draconians, those of Draco.


Those Draconians, are these the same as Awareness indicated in the Pendragon reference, dragons? Were these essentially Reptoids?


This as in the affirmative. They are also sometimes referred to as Lizard People.


Well, the basic premise this entity is building his argument on is obviously faulty, but anyway I’ll read his other questions:

“How are we to integrate these shapes, these ciphers, embossed as it were, in the fields of wheat, or whatever? How do we integrate all this into our consensus reality, or even our individual reality? Doesn’t this evidence change everything?”


This Awareness indicates that It suggests there is something beyond the so-called normal reality, and of course it will have an effect of changing that normal reality if entities accept this as valid, which is why so many entities would prefer to think of it as a hoax and why many entities will simply ignore it altogether.

Some entities would prefer to leave it a mystery and pretend it can’t be solved than to admit there are beings outside of their limited view of reality.



His other question on this: “Many people, myself included, have reported healings and other anomalous events while inside the circles. Are these shapes or the energies left behind by the makers acting like some sort of transformer machine? I watched as birds overhead refused to fly over the formation and split apart as a group and flew around it on both sides. And I was witness to an airplane’s loss of gauge readings while over the formation. What would do this? Is this just residual electromagnetic energy or is this beyond what we know as electromagnetic?”


This Awareness indicates it appears there is a residual energy from the placement of the craft and that there is also some field of radiation that birds are sensitive to. This Awareness indicates it does not appear that the radiation is particularly harmful; it appears rather that it is simply a kind of mild radiation and electromagnetic energy, a kind of energy unique to these circles, not quite like anything known to man.

It is possible that some of this can be detected by instruments, if the right instruments are used.



Steve N., in Ontario, sent a clipping from some tabloid that lists a number of people who claim when they were abducted by aliens, that later, these crop circles marks appeared on their body. Does Awareness see there being any truth at all to that?


This Awareness indicates that if one recognizes these crop circle marks as being like identification symbols, such as a brand on cattle, or a brand on land to indicate some kind of rightful claim, then to have such marks appear on a human body after an abduction, could be a symbol for others of their group who might abduct the same person to recognize who it was that abducted this person and puts a claim on the entity.

This Awareness indicates that these are not exactly ownership claims, but that when one makes claim to the entity’s sperm or eggs or a right to abduct the entity, they often do not want others interfering with their project, and by putting a mark on the entity which signifies who they are, it is much like warding off other parties, warning them to “Stay away, this is my project.”

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